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Our sister agency, One Events, sought a complete website overhaul. Results of running a site test and analysis showed that the website had low user engagement and overall traffic.


The goal was to have a bespoke website founded on a strong and clear value proposition, with dynamic animations, bold imagery, and succinct content. Working seamlessly together, our UX Designer and Developers not only fulfilled but exceeded our initial expectations.


After evaluating user performance on Analytics, the team created a user research document to assess user interaction with websites. Combined with extensive research on award winning websites, our team found commonalities and began figuring out how to incorporate them into the One Events website.


Using Figma, they were able to create a pixel perfect UI and see their design come to life in demo.


The website’s engagement rate rose from 35% to a staggering 55%. It was a first for our internal team too, as this was the first project in which Developers and UX collaborated and executed a project as one unit. During this project, our devs learnt a new coding language, GSAP, developing their professional skills and turning them into animation geniuses.

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