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Having been a client of ours for over 5 years, Tinsdills Solicitors have undergone almost every digital marketing journey with us – paid campaigns, social media transformations, UX tinkering, and much more. Our partnership with this trusted midlands law firm is a shining example of the rewarding partnerships we seek to build with brands that lead their sectors.


Our most recent work included a renewed and refreshed approach to their social presence, to give their brand awareness a shot in the arm. We also ran strategically enhanced paid campaigns to drive business in key areas like medical negligence, contested probate, and conveyancing. Lastly, we implemented a new SEO strategy in order to improve the site’s visibility on search engines like Google.


Additionally, our UX team worked on optimising the landing page in order to enhance the performance of the paid contested probate campaign.


Our new approach to Tinsdills’ social media activity started with an assessment of where they were currently at, and what we’d do differently. Our resulting recommendations included using language that is easier to understand, covering topics relatable to a broader audience, utilising case studies, and highlighting team members, the human face of the brand. Following this, we ensured that all content is native to each platform and algorithm friendly. The foundation of these changes – our content calendars – featured a variety of topics aimed at serving both educational and promotional needs.


The key difference for the paid activity compared to the year before was the increase in ad spend across both Google and Facebook, which Tinsdills wanted to focus on medical negligence and contested probate. This increase was based on our strong performance the year before, as well as their desire for more leads in these specific service areas. With this in mind, Google ad spend increased by 132%, whilst Facebook increased by 49%. The process by which we delivered on the promise of this increased spend included keyword research, audience research, and the creation of engaging images to drive up the click-through-rate.


To help support the effectiveness of the paid campaigns, our UX team sought to enhance the landing page experience through ongoing optimisation. Initially this included running a GA4 report, heat mapping user engagement, revising ad copy, running competitor analysis, doing user testing, and ultimately redesigning the landing page based on the results. 


Alongside their strong paid performance, Tinsdills has always had healthy organic search performance as well. Having handled their SEO for a number of years, the goal this time around was to maintain this high level whilst seeking out untapped opportunities for growth. Our renewed strategy focused on fresh keyword research, re-optimisation of key service pages, and a content refresh on certain parts of the site.


Since implementing the social changes, we have seen improved performance across all platforms. Notably, there has been an average increase of 34% in impressions on Twitter. On Facebook, we’ve seen a 67% increase in engagement, and Instagram has experienced a 51% increase in reach. 


On the paid side, there has been a 35% increase in overall leads through Google Ads, and a cost per lead of £23.31. On the same platform, we garnered 1,582 and 346 for contested probate and medical negligence respectively. Our main achievement on Facebook Ads was delivering 5,647 landing page views overall, at a cost per view of £0.73 – significantly lower than the previous year’s £5.06.


From an SEO perspective, the number of organic keywords the site is ranking for is up by 150 from the same time in the previous year. Organic search traffic has remained steady alongside this.


The success of our different marketing efforts showcases the benefits of our diverse skill set, offering established brands like Tinsdills a comprehensive plan that covers every digital angle.

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