Scare City Experience Creative


For the latest iteration of our hugely successful scare event, our creative team was tasked with developing fitting (and terrifying!) imagery across all platforms. From overall brand identity to merchandise and everything in between – this required using a range of our in-house creative skills.


To begin with, we worked on the overall branding of Scare City, further establishing the visual identity set out in previous years. This included designing a new website from start to finish, ensuring that it showcased the brand’s look and feel in the most spectacular way possible. This year the website even had a theme park style map to sell the event. Our branding work extended to the social media presence, for which we designed all visual posts for every platform to drive up engagement.


Our creative work for Scare City extended beyond the online world and into the event itself. Gleefully terrified onlookers were greeted by branded animations on screens around the experience, as well as signposting and information screens to assist people whilst retaining our creative edge. We even crafted parts of the experience itself, helping to build out separate identities for each scare zone at the event.


For the first time, we designed and created Scare City’s own branded merchandise, which was sold at the event and online at our merch store. This helped to increase brand awareness further, extend people’s experience of the event beyond the walls of the Camelot site, and establish another revenue stream for the business.


Such was the extent of our remit for this project, we even developed creative work for another brand in the process. As part of their sponsorship deal with Scare City, our people made animations for renowned confectionary brand Swizzels to promote their Halloween variety pack.


The results of our creative endeavours with Scare City lie both in the work itself and the success of the event. A website, animations, social media, scare zone creation, merchandise, and much more all worked together in building the Scare City brand. Our work helped to entice people to buy tickets and enhance their experience while at the event, making them more likely than ever to return.

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