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Our previous work with Knowsley Fostering had been centred around local events, through the use of our digital ad vans and radio campaigns. This year marked a change in their goals, as the key council service targeted extended reach and impact on social media. Their key concept was that of a story about a little girl and her teddy bear, in the classic storybook style. The core idea was the idea of the teddy bear being the one constant in her life – until her foster parents came along, and the service had done its job.


Our creative team worked their magic in turning this idea into reality, handling the entire creative process from concept to storyboarding, and the ultimate execution of a powerful video. After presenting our digital campaign, we were able to extend the reach of this video. We did this through our usual combination of ad vans and radio, with an added paid social media campaign to hit the new goal of creating impact on social platforms.


Working hand-in-hand with our powerful creative work, the 6-week Facebook ads campaign generated fantastic results that showcased our ability to achieve the client’s brief. Our ad performance was as follows: 394,127 impressions, 164,187 reach, 3,946 clicks, 674 post reactions, 36 post shares, and 15 leads. The cost per lead was an impressive £129.88 and the clickthrough rate was an industry-leading 1%. 


Following this campaign, Knowsley Fostering emerged as the top performing council-led fostering service in the region. The client themselves noted the impressive performance and marked increase in enquiries following our campaign. Once more this effort shows what our different teams can do when working together, as part of our 360 marketing ethos.








One Agency recently worked on the creation of a bespoke animation which formed the basis for our new foster carer recruitment campaign. The creative team were fantastic from start to finish, working with us to ensure the animation reflected our children’s stories in a sensitive way, which is often hard to achieve. This resulted in a film with such an emotional impact. 


Gemma managed our account from start to finish and suggested the best use for our budget and how to effectively get the animation seen by the right people. This was really valuable, she was always available to chat through ideas and we very much appreciated her expertise. Josh then managed a social media campaign for us and it was clear he felt very passionately about this and curated a campaign that reached a wide audience, increasing our enquiries significantly.

Alexandra Kinsella

Fostering Recruitment & Marketing Coordinator

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