Much-loved nail brand Glossify came to us in search of an agency that could effectively sell to nail professionals with targeted paid campaigns. That’s exactly what they got. The goals were to increase the number of nail professionals buying their products, increase sales revenue through their site, and ensure we were capturing professionals rather than the general public. Additionally, we were tasked with expanding brand visibility through TikTok ad campaigns.


We began the process by auditing their accounts to check their campaign performance and track accuracy. This was followed by keyword research, which included looking for those search terms most relevant to Glossify, and then setting the budgets to get the most conversions from them. This was then supported with some in depth audience research, which looked at criteria such as user’s lifestyle, buying habits, browsing interests, demographic, and visits to similar sites. 


These pre-campaign steps were capped off by the establishing of a timeline intended to prioritise new Glossify product launches.


A new Pmax campaign was then set up in the first month to enhance their sales through Google shopping. This allowed us to showcase the stunning images and videos of their great products, and this campaign was updated each month with new ranges.


As this was their first time doing TikTok advertising, we set up a brand new ads account. We also allocated budgets to, once again, prioritise new product launches. This was done through Spark ads.


The campaigns on both Google and TikTok were a huge success. On Google, our work garnered 575,401 impressions, 26,860 clicks, and 6,771 sales with a ROAS of 74.38. That is a 104% year-on-year increase.


On TikTok, we delivered 1,223,456 impressions, 4,571 clicks, and 288 sales with a ROAS of 5.45. The cost per lead came out at £11.18. This was a great result in a first for this brand on a competitive platform.

sales (Google)


ROAS (Google)


sales (TikTok)


ROAS (TikTok)


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