Footasylum, one of the biggest footwear retailers in the UK, has been a long-standing client having worked with us for over 5 years. For 2023, we developed a robust media strategy to achieve the brand’s key objectives: growth, revenue, and market share.


In devising this strategy, we used the very best in research, insights, and actionable audience data, as well as store location data. 


Taking what we learned from our research, we used a potent mix of traditional and nontraditional formats. These formats included bus supersides, digital & static billboards, 6 sheets, premium large format roadside ads, and even chicken shop screens. 


All of this ensured a broader reach to the core target audience and at key times of the year for maximum impact.


All of Footasylum’s big dreams about growth, revenue, and market share became a reality. That’s what happens when you have a completely bespoke strategy, backed up by real data. Our journey with huge brands like Footasylum is one we have taken with big names across all industries, with much more to come.

5+ year partnership

increased revenue

bigger market share

2023 growth

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