Collection Cosmetics


To support the launch of their incrediBrow brow products, Collection Cosmetics sought our help in making an idea they conjured; an accessible tool to help people find the perfect eyebrow shape for their face so they can have a good eyebrow day everyday.


The concept allows users to try on different brow styles and use the corresponding guides shown on the screen to style their own eyebrows using Collection Cosmetics’ incrediBrow range.


This was the first time One Agency had ventured into social and AR filters making it a brilliant learning opportunity for our motion design team. A key lesson learned is that every social media platform has their own development framework, so the team needed to use different programming languages to recreate the tool depending on the social media platform.


Crucial to both the client and One Agency was ensuring the tool could be used by all ethnicities and skin tones. To make this happen, test QR codes were used throughout the process so that the filter could be tested on people around One Agency’s office, and also so that the client could try out different sections of the filter whilst it was still under development. It took a lot of development trying out different colour palettes and styles for our overlaid graphics, until we found an option that worked really well, no matter the person using the tool.


To market the eyebrow tool, we began wild posting throughout Manchester city centre. The posters featured QR codes which when scanned with the camera, lead the person to the incrediBrow tool on their chosen social media platform where they were able to enjoy it.


As a result of the brief, awareness for both product and brand increased which is really hard to achieve in such a saturated market. Also, thousands of people found the best shape for their face, eliminating countless bad eyebrow days forever.


“It was a brilliant experience bringing Collection’s vision to life. Developing the brow filter for different platforms was a rewarding learning experience that pushed the boundaries of our technical capabilities in the Augmented Reality and social filter field. We can now confidently create advanced filters on every major social media platform”

Elliot McKenzie

One Agency Media

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