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How do you advertise something that doesn’t physically exist, but is very real and reshaping the business landscape? That’s the challenge we faced when Adhki asked us to build a new website for their visionary AI system.


Our web development and UX design team got stuck straight in. With plenty to reference, they had no trouble finding inspiration and elements to expand upon and incorporate into their own design. 


Initially our UX designer created a prototype on Figma before our web devs began the WordPress build. They opted for a mobile first approach, and chose to minimise the overall amount of additional programmes used in the build to enable for a smoother, faster and cleaner interactive user experience – without lag. Despite being an intensive build, they spared no expense and for the first time, they were able to incorporate their own reactive 3D models to showcase the breadth of their talent.


Following an extensive meeting with the client, our content team undertook detailed research to understand the complex world of AI. Doing so enabled them to craft copy that compliments the web build, and conveys why AI is so powerful and how Adhki has maintained their position as the front runner of AI.


As a result of the brief, One Agency created a website that perfectly captures the essence and power of AI. The finished result is extraordinary, interactive and informative, and transcends what the client thought would be possible.

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