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Creating something unforgettable that breathes life is what makes events so special. So, imagine an advertising platform that can be both mobile and static, placed strategically in any location you desire, all whilst remaining cost-effective.

Whether it’s big and bizarre or something a little more intimate, our One Agency outdoor LED screens are a unique way of engaging your crowd and creating long-lasting memories.

Whatever your event, we can help. Whether it’s an exhibition, a product launch, award ceremony, sports event or a music festival, we’re your go-to big outdoor screen hire and event specialists.

Ready to start planning your event? Think big.

Outdoor Cinema

With our dynamic digital screen, Outdoor Cinema is no longer a thing of the past. Perfect for a night out amongst friends and family, you can enjoy a classic or a modern great in the comfort of the open air. Whether your Outdoor Cinema is situated in a car park for that throwback feel, a field, a seated area or somewhere else entirely, your cinematic dream will come to life with our state-of-the-art mobile LED Screen.

LED Screens For Sports Events

The World Cup and Wimbledon

Sometimes, bigger is better. Any self-respecting fan knows that when it comes to watching the match, size really matters – that’s why our high definition, big video screens are the perfect addition to any sporting event. We can even kit out enclosed screening areas to suit your sporting theme.

We love working closely with clients to help them reach their goals, if you’re ready to start planning, we’re set for kick off…

LED Screens For Outdoor Events

Festivals, Concerts, Exhibitions, Live Sport

Whether it’s football or the races, music and food festivals, or an arts and culture exhibition, all events benefit from the big screen treatment.

With a flexible range of outdoor LED screen options and configurations to suit any brief, we can provide an array of solutions; from large open-view screens to private or themed VIP areas with hi-res LED options, just say the word and we’ll be here to accommodate your unique event needs.

  • digital screen outdoor event

LED Screens For Parties & Events

Got a big event coming up? Our mobile LED screens are perfect for creating exciting and immersive experiences.

From birthdays to Bar Mitzvahs, or any other special event you can think of, we’re here to enhance your atmosphere.

We can light up your memories and even broadcast live events and video games for everyone to enjoy. You can even recreate the original big-screen cinema experience in your own back garden.

If you’re ready to start planning your next event – we’re ready help.

LED Screens For Festivals

Big screens are now an essential part of the festival-going experience.

No matter what the festival or event, eager audience’s can be brought in on the action through our unbeatable large-scale LED screen. Gigs and concerts are made more engaging and unforgettable, whilst other get-togethers and celebrations become more inclusive than ever – if you are running a festival, our LED Screen is a must have.

LED Screens For B2B Events

There are few tools as powerful for a business as B2B events, which allow you to appeal directly to other businesses in offering your goods and/or services.

Our large LED screen is the perfect vehicle for selling your business to the right people, providing you with the opportunity for big creative and an even bigger first impression. As you network, ensure that the contacts you make are unlikely to forget you in a hurry.

Take a Look Inside

Our digital bus is just as impressive on the inside. Fully kitted out with a contemporary design and dynamic digital features, your event will be taken to the next level once you step onboard.

Utilise built-in digital screens, LED lighting, luxury seating, laminate flooring, on board games and much more. When it comes to providing your audience with a complete experience, you can’t go wrong with our digital media bus.

The Benefits of
Mobile Billboards

Think about all the benefits of a gigantic digital billboard screen – what if you could have that at a great price, and put it anywhere in the UK? That explains our two digital advertising vans in a nutshell.

Van Specs

1: The Original One, 12 sqm;
2: The Super One, 24 sqm

A dynamic digital display capable of showing both static and animated/video creatives, all on the back of a van driven to its destination by our own driver. Mobile billboard advertising is a truly unbeatable service.

Digital Event Bus

The Unique One, 35 sqm
We own a truly striking media bus, which comes complete with an even bigger digital screen – the most formidable mobile billboard advertising in the UK.

Imagine a large campaign of your choosing, doing the rounds in an area of your choice before being parked accordingly.

The future of outdoor is here at One Agency Media! If you want to discuss our digital vehicles, get in touch with us – we’d love nothing more than to provide you with this fun, thrilling opportunity.

“The digital bilboard is a fantastic way to promote your organisation”

Case Sudy Dr. Martens x BAPE

For an extra special launch, we teamed our Unique Digital Events Bus up with the exclusive Dr. Martens x BAPE collab in Camden Market. Fans from around the country queued for hours for their chance to get their hands on a pair of free DM’s x BAPE styles before anyone else.

Some had been waiting since the early hours of the morning, but luckily, our One Agency Bus was there to create a buzz with music and entertainment. The event was a huge success, and streetwear fans said, “It was a ‘why not’ situation – I had to be here. The bus is really cool, it’s wild. It’s something different that you don’t see every day.”

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