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Welcome to the Blog; our wordy corner of the website where the One Agency content team discuss the latest media news and social media trends. Here, you’ll find an extensive portfolio of thought leadership, industry insights and opinions from across the team, as well as some of the answers to your advertising and media questions.

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An Interview with Manchester’s Sun Goddess
As Manchester basks in the glory of long hazy summer days and the sight of the sun glimmering off the side of the city’s glass castles, our thoughts are drawn to our client Ezili Swim, and their Managing Director Ally, who embodies the glamour, ambition and innovation that Manchester is famed for.
Who Owns Your Personal Data?
The Mark Zuckerberg testimony that took place last week was instigative of many questions concerning data sharing and user rights.

One-Manchester-One Love, One Manchester

One Manchester is our very own lifestyle magazine, dedicated to providing honest and engaging lifestyle news from around the city. Whether it’s promoting our latest favourite Manchester-based brand, or sharing our newest dinging obsession, we like to think we do things differently and with you in mind, always. Here’s our latest collection of stories from around Manchester.

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