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Welcome to the Blog; our wordy corner of the website where the One Agency content team discuss the latest media news and social media trends. Here, you’ll find an extensive portfolio of thought leadership, industry insights and opinions from across the team, as well as some of the answers to your advertising and media questions.

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Since the pandemic began, researchers and industry bodies have set about trying to make sense of how consumer trends and behaviour will shift in line with this ever discussed ‘new normal’. In this blog, we take a look at some of the ways in which this behaviour is shifting.

Take a look at our essential toolkit for generating fresh ideas, for those times when inspiration can be hard to come by...

If you’re reading this, you probably already know what SEO is. But what about some of the more specific elements? Look into crafting an effective SEO strategy, and you’ll find myriad mentions of both on-page and off-page optimisation.

In this blog, we share our tips to add flair to your brand voice and wider communications strategy…

Happiness is a journey, like a roller coaster with peaks and troughs. There are degrees of happiness, being mildly pleased to ecstatic.

In this article, we will discuss some tips that work for us, through years of working hard, to maximising returns for our client’s Google Ads campaigns. Hopefully these tips will help you get your landing pages off to a jet-propelled start and convert more users into hot leads. 
Back in May 2019 Google announced it was redesigning its mobile search results, introducing a black ‘Ad’ label alongside search ads and favicons by the URL in the organic search results. Now Google has rolled out this redesign to its desktop search results, potentially changing the game forever. 

If you’ve found yourself here, the chances are you have some questions about PPC, namely ‘how do pay-per-click ads work?’ We have the answers. Not only do we have the answers to your questions, but they are simple answers to boot.

If a website maintenance package comes dead last on your list when budgeting for your online presence, you may be putting your whole business at risk unnecessarily. Your website promotes, it sells and markets for you while you can be proactive elsewhere; don’t take it for granted.
Whilst SEO and PPC are separate digital marketing channels, there’s a clear positive relationship between the two that should be explored in any online marketing strategy.

With Christmas just around the corner, customers up and down the country are thinking about, or well underway with, their Christmas shopping. As Black Friday and Cyber Monday are key calendar dates in any marketer’s plan, we’ve compiled a handy guide with easy-to-follow tips to ensure you outshine others in this highly competitive space.

In order to get a good understanding of exactly how content management systems (CMS) emerged and what the different kinds entail, we first need to take a look back at the evolution of content for the web.
Manchester is a city that's truly on the up; whether that’s in the sense of its social scene, business district or its ever-changing skyline of iconic buildings. 3rd September marks National Skyscraper Day, so today we’ll be looking at the developing structural aspect of Manchester and what this means for the future.
The Bisto Together Project is a brilliant campaign aiming to bring people together, with food. The project comes after sad stats revealing 40% of over 70s in Britain are skipping meals due to loneliness.
isney. A name instilled into us from our earliest of years, and one that resonates with us well into our childhood, Disney is loved and cherished the world over. Teaming up with one of our fashion brands, Hype., we’re taking a quick look into how Disney is the gift that just keeps on giving...
Last week, the first of our #FutureOfContent series from Creative North explored the ways in which it pays to be authentic. Inspired by the thoughts of Senior Copywriter, Peter Stephen, we looked at why audiences now seek out the 'real' over the 'fake', and investigated some of the white noise we're faced with day in and day out.
A day of learning, networking and artistic discovery, Creative North is the UK’s annual event designed for those in the creative and digital industry. This year, it was hosted at the stunning Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester.
It's a marketing tactic that’s as simple as they come, but it works. And once you start noticing it, you realise that it’s everywhere. We asked one of our graphic designers, Olly, about how colour is used to influence potential customers into associating brands with certain values.
This #OnePlasticFreeDay, we've partnered with A Plastic Planet. With the single goal of dramatically reducing the use of indestructible plastics, they hope to put an end to the destruction of our soil, ocean, air and health of our future generations.
Our creative team are always searching for new vessels of inspiration. As we're super excited (don't @ us) about the return of Love Island, we've decided to put a One Agency spin on how we we'd re-hash the brand. Treating it like our very own brief, each part of our creative department took one hour to look at how they'd treat their respective contribution.
Housed within the grade II listed Edwardian Pear Mill, The Vintage Emporium offers a treasure trove of all things antique and coveted. With an eclectic collection of furniture, lighting, home ware, collectibles and fashion, there are over 50 independent traders to discover.
Is the world subject to one big popularity contest? Everywhere we turn, we’re forced to make decisions and pledge allegiance to one side or another; with each choice enacting a reflection of our own personality. We see it in politics. We recognise it in the brands we buy, over and over again.
‘Delete it!’ She shrieked, horrified by the reflection of herself that she saw through everyone else’s eyes. The truth is that the picture wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t amazingly flattering, but how many pictures out of the 1000s that we take of ourselves actually are? It was just a picture of her, slightly slouched, after a long week of partying.
As a self-confessed OOH obsessed media agency, we’re always on the lookout for inspiring out of home campaigns. From out-there experiential to classic billboard formats, if someone is pioneering a new concept, we’re always on board. That’s why Spotify caught our eye last night.
With today being National Telephone Day, and the recent highly publicised issues with the delayed Samsung Galaxy Fold, mobile is as important and topical as ever – as is technology as a whole. New trends are emerging all the time, with varied success.
One Agency Media has a long-standing history of working with some of the country’s most inspiring educational clients - in honour of National Education and Sharing Day,...
If you’re studying the arts, you’ll frequently be told that your future doesn’t look overly prosperous. You’ll have the scene painted for you of unpaid bills, unread submissions, rejection letters and crippling competition.
After joining the legal department of Netscape Communications Corporation in the early 90s, Baker went on to become instrumental in the Mozilla project – starting with the role of General Manager in 1999, before becoming director and president of the Mozilla Foundation in 2003...
As the landscape is constantly evolving, our environments become culturally charged by the people that live in it. Without us even realising it, OOH has become a quintessential component to our lives, where the signs and messages around us have the power to captivate, delight and even inspire hope.
An integral part of any campaign planning process is the troubleshooting for mistakes stage. As the times become more ethically conscious, it’s important to ensure that campaigns can’t be misinterpreted in a way that's offensive to any group,...
On the 8th March, Google announced it is now trialling its shopping ads in Google Images. Following the likes of Instagram and Pinterest, Google wants to target people looking for inspiration, with 50% of online shoppers saying images of the product inspired them to purchase. People are turning to Google Images at an increasing rate.
Have you ever considered the processes that go into how to sell a scent? In the world of marketing, perfume campaigns are granted limitless creative licence.
The Ides of March is a term popularised by William Shakespeare in his play Julius Ceaser, in reference to the day on the Roman calendar that Julius Ceaser was stabbed to death on his throne.
The World Wide Web is such an integral part of our everyday lives in 2019, it has become very easy to take it for granted. As the Web turns 30 years old today, it’s a good time to remind ourselves of just how it came to be, how revolutionary it was and the fundamental ethos behind its creation.
International Women’s Day is a necessary celebration that draws attention to both the achievements and capabilities of women and the history of their systemic oppression. Since the creation of the feminist movement (here in Manchester, but we won’t brag…) there’s been measurable progress in women’s rights.
As we’re based only a stone’s throw away from the Kelloggs Factory and UK HQ in Manchester’s illustrious Trafford Park (did you know that Mancunians came up with the irresistible ‘Crunchy Nut Cornflakes in 1980?), One Agency are today taking a look at the most marketed meal of the day… cereal.
Public Health England have launched the first advertising campaign which focuses on cervical screening, encouraging women not to ignore their invitations to be tested.
Sometimes, it’s the little things that count. The humble tokens of appreciation that we can share with the team and the small gestures of gratitude that can often mean the world.
Wanderlust is an epidemic that plagues many of us, and the only known antidote is that blast of warm, balmy air when we first step foot off the aeroplane and into pastures new and unfamiliar.
Time – the great equaliser. No matter what your gender, race or income, if there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s the amount of hours we all have in the day.
As The Big Alcohol Conversation draws to a close, we investigate the components that made for a campaign that got Greater Manchester talking.
Dakota Deluxe Manchester is launching this May, bringing with it 137 beautifully designed bedrooms and 20 lavish suites.
Wondering what this whole #StillABigMac | #NotABigMac thing is all about?
Every year Valentine’s Day comes around and divides the nation into two camps – the naïve optimists and the savvy pessimists.
In honour of ‘Inventor’s Day’, we decided to take a look at the story behind The Sausage Sitter. What inspired such an innovative tool and why hadn’t it been done before?
Unique and engaging, mobile billboards offer one of the most versatile and creative advertising options.
You’ve probably heard agencies such as ourselves bang on about SEO many times before, and with good reason. We are here to explain why 2019 is the year you should finally take SEO seriously, or for those who already are, to continue to do so.
Privacy is the word on everyone’s lips these days. The current climate is awash with discussions, debate and stories surrounding the use of our data by big companies in particular.
The MPA Big Debates notoriously provide a space for introspection and contemplation in no small measures.
As it’s #ComplimentDay, One Agency wanted to take a look at how your business can use brand engagement to best compliment your lifeblood: the cherished ‘Customer’.
This week, MCR Decides have taken over one of the newest and largest billboards to dominate the city of Manchester – with the aim of raising money for the homeless.
Gillette recently launched a campaign that poses as the next step of the #MeToo narrative. In 2017, actor Alyssa Milano encouraged survivors of sexual violence to post the hashtag #MeToo, in a simple but effective way of drawing attention to how widespread this issue of sexual violence actually is.
The most important contributing factor to perform well in sales is knowing your audience. If you know your audience well, you’ll know how to seek them out, what kind of content they’re most receptive to, and how to build a loyal demographic.
In the wake of HSBC’s politically fuelled OOH and digital campaign (even though they insist it’s entirely separate to the Brexit issue…) we began to wonder what place politics has in advertising.
As the January blues start to really take root, it’s easy to lose motivation for all of those well intentioned goals and resolutions that we all set for the New Year.
WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps; due in part to the developers’ devotion to updating the application regularly.
A day reserved for Christmas Day leftovers, buffets and finishing off the last of those chocolate boxes, Boxing Day is a UK tradition which is now celebrated in a number of countries, and can also be known as ‘St Stephen’s Day.
When it comes to SEO and the online world as a whole, content is king. However, with online conversation moving so fast amongst an abundance of different voices, a new challenge has come in the form of shaping content that is sustainable.
‘New Year New Me’ is a cliché for a reason. Nothing feels better than a fresh start – a whole new year to change things for the better; Get that job you’ve always wanted, show everyone how amazing you can be when you really try.
Is printed press still relevant? Ask any journalist this question, and they’ll assure you that it is. Ask any corner shop owner, and they might disagree.
This throw-back Thursday, we take a look at how you take an iconic company and create a brand to stand the test of time.
We’ve all heard the wives tales about Santa Claus. You’re sure to hear the story at least once a year about how Santa was originally clad in Green robes until the Coca Cola corporation came along, claimed him and recoloured his garments. But how much truth is in the wives tale?
It’s hard to avoid the evidence that supports the importance of implementing a digital marketing strategy for your growing business – both for small businesses that are in the process of finding their feet and for corporate organisations who endeavour to keep pace with the developing landscape of digital advertising and the more targeted audience access that it provides.
Disney. A name instilled into us from our earliest of years, and one that resonates with us well into our childhood, Disney is loved and cherished the world over.
Christmas is just around the corner, and as the first weekend of December approaches, we wanted to take a look back on the best ever Christmas adverts of all time.d.
Black Friday. The two little words that fill retail assistants with dread and the internet into melt-down. Gaining a bad rep in recent years, the notoriously hostile sale has seen shoppers transgress into shopping sin and, let’s face it, to commit crimes against humanity
Earlier this year, One Agency was invited to tender for a really exciting campaign that was being run by GMCA, entitled The Big Alcohol Conversation.
I volunteered to write this weeks’ blog because I actually love to write and don’t ever get the time. Full time work and motherhood have quashed that creative outlet!
Over time, the notorious Pumpkin Spiced Latte has become synonymous with autumn
Instagram is in the process of rolling a new tool for social advertisers. The format is a gateway the platform’s enviable story viewership, allowing marketers to boost their stories so that they’re seen by more people.
Bonfire night is one of the best nights of the year, without a doubt. Is there honestly anything better than shoving a pair of wellies on and marching to the local park for a toffee apple by the bonfire and maybe a quick spin on the waltzers before catching the display? We think not.
As social media transgresses from a social sharing platform to everything from a viable news source to the most widely used entertainment platforms, many other media formats have been called into question for their relevance.
A host of celebrities turned up to The Couture Club flagship at the intu Trafford Centre to celebrate the store’s first birthday.
The One Agency Halloween Ad Round-Up of 2018.
Since the Facebook corporation added WhatsApp to its list of assets, there has been discussion about how to effectively monetise the platform.
Avast ye, it’s talk like a pirate day, so we thought we’d give ye a wee chat about how to nail a belter of a tone of voice for yer brand.
Procrastination – that little thing we all hate to love. We’ve rounded up some simple tips to help you fight that little devil on your shoulder.
Brand loyalty is a vast and powerful concept, only truly realised when executed through multiple facets.
As media formats like streaming websites and digital out of home rise in proficiency, it’s all too easy to forget about our faithful friend the radio..
This #BookLoversDay we turned to our fabulous One Agency Creative Team for their thoughts on their favourite books.
Recently the One Agency team ventured down south to take in the industrialism, ambition and comradery that our capital has to offer.
We all know the bonuses to advertising using OOH…tapping into the unconscious psychology of a geotargeted group of consumers is a huge one, because your tactically selected audience has minimal control over the information that they digest in their day to day lives.
We take a look into the cultural significance of Out of Home advertising, exploring how it works and what it could achieve for businesses and brands; ‘Good OOH ads give something whilst selling something. Great ones magnify the experience.’
As Manchester basks in the glory of long hazy summer days and the sight of the sun glimmering off the side of the city’s glass castles, our thoughts are drawn to our client Ezili Swim, and their Managing Director Ally, who embodies the glamour, ambition and innovation that Manchester is famed for.
Our good friends at Key 103 have announced that they’re soon to become Hits Radio, broadcasting nationwide as part of an innovative multi-million pound rebrand from Bauer Radio.
The Mark Zuckerberg testimony that took place last week was instigative of many questions concerning data sharing and user rights.

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