World Voice Day | Who are you actually speaking to?

It's now more important than ever for your brand voice to communicate effectively. Here, we take a look at the different elements to overhaul your brand voice and make it shine.
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This World Voice Day, we’re thinking about the words that we use as much as how we use them. As an agency who specialise in brand, it’s tempting to talk about how your voice echoes through your marketing and the picture that you paint of yourself through the language that you employ. However, now more than ever, we believe that your brand’s voice should pass through a different set of checkpoints.

Is your voice intrusive?
To you, your brand is everything, and rightly so. To the customer who bought from you once in 2017, it is not. Daily blanket email updates about how your company is handling ‘this unprecedented time’ serve only to deafen your audience to your voice.

What are you actually saying?
Are you speaking to your demographic just so that they don’t forget you exist, or are you using purposeful messaging to achieve a goal – from building rapport and entertaining to delivering useful information and guidance from an expert standpoint and ultimately making sales.

Who are you speaking to?
Your audience varies from platform to platform, and so should your language. Don’t include assumed knowledge in a post with a platform made up of late adopters of your brand. This is the time to get you know your audience to ensure that your messages are fruitful.

If you’d like to talk about how your brand should sound, where to place it, or how to get to know your audience, drop us a message.

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