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Vox Recruitment

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Vox is an online recruitment service that seeks to connect employers and potential employees across the digital, media and marketing industries. They tasked us with all of their branding needs, including logo design, tone of voice and brand guidelines.


Recruitment is not a small sector, especially online. As such, one huge challenge with any project like this is crafting a brand that will be able to shout above the noise, making our creative design choices key to overcoming this obstacle. When so many recruitment options exist already, engaging with people from the get-go is key.


Our creative team developed all of Vox’s branding, including new logo design, to be colourful and eye-catching in a way that many recruitment services simply aren’t. Getting a job doesn’t have to be boring. Not only did this colourful approach best represent the brand’s approach to its work, but it also helped to define the different areas they work in – with digital, media and marketing all having their own assigned colour scheme.

Following this creative work, our team built out a new set of brand guidelines, in order to give Vox employees the tools to effectively and consistently present their brand going forward. This included establishing a tone of voice to be used across all marketing and promotional content, language pillars and much more.

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Our brand building has lead to a more engaging, standout online presence for a business in a highly competitive marketplace, all of which can be seen on their latest website.


We thoroughly enjoyed working with Olly (Head of Creative) to create and develop the branding for VOX. From the initial meeting he was really engaging, interested and passionate about bringing our business branding to life, capturing all our values and USPs. He brought to us some amazing ideas, always with regular friendly communication and tips. We are delighted with the work done and would highly recommend Olly and One Agency!

Caroline McKee, Director at VOX.

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