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We had to build a new brand from the ground up, the car customisation service Skinz.


The biggest challenge was to create a fresh new brand that would stand out in a relatively crowded marketplace. Standing out from the crowd and introducing an exciting new business that could be trusted was a task taken on board by our creative, web and content teams.


Our creative team crafted a brand new visual identity and branding language. This resulted, in part, in the creation of the trademark red SZ logo – which is equal parts striking and recognisable. Following this new brand, our web team developed a website that could marry this engaging new look with an easy-to-use platform that entices users to delve into the Skinz repertoire of services.

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Skinz launched successfully just a few months ago, and due in part to an amazing online presence has gone on to have some great early success – and continues to go from strength to strength.


One Agency helped us to build our brand from scratch, which allowed us to launch our business successfully and go from strength-to-strength since. We would recommend their digital and creative services to anyone looking to launch a new business.

Chris Gregory, Skinz.