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Park N Party

Drive-in cinema & events specialists

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Park N Party, conceived and created by One Agency, grew to become one of the leading events attractions in the Northwest in 2020 and has continued to grow since. With a drive-in cinema, live actors, interactive features, and a calendar full of seasonal attractions, PnP has been positioned as a leader in its field.

As a result of this being a brand-new venture, our task was to build the brand from the ground up, before pushing the business using our full repertoire of marketing & advertising expertise.


The central challenge for this project was to build a new brand from scratch and make it the go-to drive-in event in Manchester. This was done through a full suite of services including branding, new website, social media (organic & paid), PPC, and PR campaigns.

Launching in the first half of 2020, one big challenge we faced early on was COVID-19. This was managed with safety precautions and an abundance of information provided by ourselves to our guests. The success of these initial stages put us in a strong position of trust throughout the pandemic, and has seen PnP maintain its position in this arena as we come out the other side.


Having created several seasonal themes including Scare City and Christmas City, our amazing marketing teams set about marketing the events to the public to drive awareness and ticket sales. After building new, dedicated web pages at which to direct the ad traffic, the team used a combination of Google pay per click and social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram. Google pay per click focused on branded and family events-related searches, engaging audiences looking for a fun, different way to spend time with their family in a safe and controlled environment.

Facebook and Instagram ads were laser-focused on a combination of families and couples for a variety of film types, including retro classics, horror flicks, festive favourites, and comedies. Our SEO and content teams also provided stunning PR results, getting the events listed in some of the most popular lifestyle sites, publications, and radio stations around the Northwest.

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All of the above efforts resulted in millions of impressions, hundreds of thousands of clicks, thousands of ticket sales and more. We have achieved our goal and then some – PnP stands as one of Manchester’s premier drive-in events providers and continues to go from strength to strength.

A thought from the team

Building our own new brand from the ground up was a thrilling project. We were able to use all of our connected skills & expertise, and the results are there for all to see. Park N Party has become the area’s go-to outdoor event provider, thanks in no small part to the endless creativity, passion and hard work of our team.

Russell, Events Director.