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Marc Darcy

Prestigious Men’s Formal Wear Brand

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Marc Darcy are a highly respected nationwide brand specialising in men’s formal wear, notable for their high-end but affordable designer suits. As with other established brands, we were tasked with delivering a high impact OOH campaign that would further push the businesses’ countrywide image and appeal.


The core challenge for this project was the creation and delivery of an OOH campaign that fit the pre-established character of a well-known brand, whilst still developing its advertising presence in new and exciting directions.


Our creative team devised and created high-quality ads for full taxi wraps. These creatives were both eye-catching and engaging, guaranteed to grab and hold the interest of a passer-by.

These taxi wraps were delivered on vehicles across 3 of the country’s biggest and most populated cities – London, Manchester, and Newcastle – garnering the eyeballs of millions of potential customers.

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Our taxi wrap campaign resulted in a vast, widely seen branding push for Marc Darcy, further solidifying it as a leader in its field across the UK.

A thought from the team

At One Agency we pride ourselves on our work – not only our outcomes but also our specialising in creative design. Designing a ‘wrap’ for a taxi is quite a challenge but a great outcome to create brand awareness for such a huge brand like Marc Darcy. They wanted to create impact through their taxis, shouting about their Drapers Menswear Brand Of The Year. I am proud to work with Marc Darcy on a year-on-year basis, expanding their brand in new, and creative ways.

Nat, Senior Graphic Designer.

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