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Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

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LIPA, or the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, is one of the most prominent performing arts classes in the country, providing world-class training for a life in the arts. This campaign saw us tasked with generating applications for their courses in specific locations.


In the second campaign we have administered for the institute, we were challenged with running a social ad campaign in India to generate applications for their courses in Mumbai and Bangalore.


Targeting within the radius of both cities, we focused our attention on creating engaging social ads and delivering them to audiences whom we knew were interested or involved in performing, dance or the arts.

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The client was overjoyed with the campaign performance, which delivered huge figures in that month’s budget. We reached over 1.5m people in Mumbai and Bangalore, delivering over 4 million impressions. A click-through rate of 1.46% was achieved, way above the Facebook average of 0.89%, and we generated over 58,000 clicks at just 1p per click and leads obtained at less than £1.00.