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Envie, a brand specialising in luxury hair and beauty products, tasked us with a project to develop new branding for their business and a new website to go along with it. Following this, our talented design and web teams dove straight in and produced some spectacular results…


The central challenge in this project was the conceptualisation of branding to reflect the range of great products offered by Envie, as well as the people who buy them. Similarly, our challenge extended to building a strong eCommerce website that would present this branding to the world in an engaging, functional way that also provides the user with a seamless purchasing journey.


Firstly, we undertook extensive industry and audience research. This helped to inform every creative or practical decision we made going forward to best reach the kind of people Envie want to sell to.

Following our research, we created a host of creative concepts for the new branding, delving deep into a proposal that included an easy-to-understand and effective rationale behind each creative idea.

Our web team then set about crafting the perfect eCommerce website, with our UX and development experts working hand-in-hand to make a site that looks good and works just as well. This included a new, overhauled sitemap built to best utilise the new branding and target the audiences previously identified in our initial research.

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The result was a fresh new brand identity for Envie and a stunning new site to go alongside it.

A thought from the team

Building a new site to work alongside the new branding we’d created for an existing brand was an opportunity for us to showcase how interconnected our different departments are – Creative and Digital worked hand-in-hand perfectly.

Dami, Web Developer.

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