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What is Web Maintenance and Why Does it Matter?

What is Web Maintenance and Why Does it Matter?


  • To regularly check your website for problems or errors, in order to keep it up-to-date and maintain relevancy.
  • It keeps your website healthy, drives further traffic, and makes your SEO even stronger.
  • Web Maintenance is crucial in attaining and retaining customers for your business.


If a website maintenance package comes dead last on your list when budgeting for your online presence, you may be putting your whole business at risk unnecessarily. Your website promotes, sells, and markets for you while you can be proactive elsewhere. Don’t take it for granted.

Here are 5 reasons why website maintenance shouldn’t be an afterthought.



Make sure that software, plugins, and server tech is up-to-date at all times, in order to maintain site security.

An online presence today is almost constantly subjected to external risks, even if you can’t see any direct evidence of them. Hackers will download lists of commonly used passwords, set off programs to bombard your website with hundreds of requests every second, and use all the known backdoor attacks on your software to gain access.

Having the latest versions of software, plugins, and server technology behind your website at all times is the number-one way to prevent unwanted visitors causing havoc. Use a password manager to generate long, random passwords that are different for every admin account to really keep your content and customer details safe.


Search Visibility

If your website visibility isn’t up to scratch, then you’re wasting time and money.

You might not know much about the inner workings of a search engine such as Google, but you do know that everybody wants to be near the top when their brand’s name is typed. There’s no better way to fall out of favour by leaving your website stagnant for a long period of time. It is considered good practice for a website to show it is active and open for business by having regularly updated content.

Losing potential business in such an easily-preventable way is a huge reason to ensure a website is regularly maintained. Show visitors that your brand has an eye on the industry it operates in, and establish it as an expert authority to be trusted by frequently updating a news page. Writing blog posts and offering expert advice shows robots that a website is worth ranking more highly and shows humans that it’s worth making an enquiry. Have you recently won an award or gained a new accreditation? Stick it on the website for all to see why your business deserves their custom.



It’s not uncommon to click on a link and discover the latest news post is from three years ago, the website layout looks clunky on your smartphone, and there’s no security certificate showing up in your browser. It would be perfectly understandable to assume the company is no longer trading or is an unprofessional outfit, and move their business elsewhere.

Responsive or ‘mobile-first’ design is now an essential consideration when building or refreshing any website. The days when smartphones were rare have truly gone, with 52% of all web traffic in 2018 being generated through mobile devices. It’s a real turn-off for customers to require lots of zooming, scrolling, or squinting when shopping for goods and services. Make sure you’re up-to-date!

Security certificates are inexpensive, but are also invaluable for consumers to know their personal details are safe. Having the padlock appearing in the address bar when browsing a website is a definite trust point that shows your credibility.


Refining the Design

Refining your web design over time will keep things fresh and help to avoid mistakes.

A website can be crafted with the best design principles in mind, but the industry is always changing its mind when it comes to the finer details. Maybe the slideshow at the top isn’t driving enough traffic to a certain product range, or perhaps the site has become too plain – or even too cluttered – over time.

Thinking a website is ever truly complete, especially in eCommerce, would be a mistake that starts to hit profits. Featured products, advertising imagery, copy changes and call-to-action buttons are classic examples of areas that need constant attention to keep users clicking and buying. Staying aware of the latest trends and maintaining your website accordingly to grab client attention will certainly pay off.



Website maintenance adds a small regular outgoing to your business, so how is this a money-saving exercise? Consider a scenario where your content management system (CMS) is 2 years out-of-date and hackers use a publicly documented vulnerability to gain access, steal your customer information and deface the website’s frontend. There’s no backup to restore, no team on the other end of the phone to clean up the website, and no easy way to get back online and trading again.

Not only has the money already invested in the website been lost, but another website will also need to be paid for because of an entirely preventable situation. Don’t let a huge issue arise from a small decision – put your trust in a website maintenance package today.


Are you looking for a new website, a design or content spruce-up with ongoing maintenance?

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