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isney. A name instilled into us from our earliest of years, and one that resonates with us well into our childhood, Disney is loved and cherished the world over. Teaming up with one of our fashion brands, Hype., we’re taking a quick look into how Disney is the gift that just keeps on giving...

Walt Disney – “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”

The Toy Story x Hype is about to launch…

Disney. A name instilled into us from our earliest of years, and one that resonates with us well into our childhood, Disney is loved and cherished the world over. Teaming up with one of our fashion brands, Hype., we’re taking a quick look into how Disney is the gift that just keeps on giving… to infinity and beyond.

Using memoirs to establish and maintain customer loyalty.

Tugging on those emotional heartstrings, Disney has been making poignant and magical moments for decades, imprinting on lives and becoming an inherent movement in society. To harness these sentiments as a marketing technique, Disney has mastered the use of nostalgia by reviving classic favourites to suit new, younger audiences (the children and grandchildren of the original makes), for example, ‘The Jungle Book’ remake grossed 900 million dollars when it was released in 2016.

Another Disney classic, ‘Beauty and The Beast’ was marketed by featuring a new trailer which was based on the original; with the same story, characters and songs as the 1991 version. This established a strong sense of nostalgia among current parents, enticing them to take their own children to see the new movie, and building a foundation of success for further marketing endeavours and hyped up products.

Toy Story x Hype

Directing ‘audience segments’ with multiple channels.

Another way in which Disney keeps its fans engaged is by creating targeted content for different audience segments. For example, the revival of Disney ‘Star Wars’ drew in both the millennial and older generations by communicating with audiences through an Instagram account of 6.6 million followers.

On the other hand, the hit marvel ‘Frozen’ targeted a much younger audience through the production of must-have toys and consumer goods. The true magic of Disney, however, lies within the transcendence of time and audiences, where families can enjoy a movie no matter what their age or agenda.Toy Story x Hype

Masterful brand storytelling.

Disney understands that the story should always come before the product. Key to the Disney marketing strategy, Walt Disney always knew that an authentic relationship evokes meaningful customer reactions, and as such, the brand have always started with a story… and then built a service. The aforementioned ‘Frozen’ was the highest grossing animated movie of all-time, and it all came from a genuine and heartfelt story-line, memorable characters, and (dare we mention it) that song. Come on, let it go.

It’s not just the movies though. This promise of storytelling manifests itself throughout the entire Disney market – everything from the hotels to the rides and customer service provides magic and belief from the offset.

Disney Collaborations

Toy Story x Hype

Once upon a time, you’d have to journey afar to a theme park, or brave the masses of children drawn to one of the busy retail shops in order to purchase a piece of sought-after merchandise. Now, Disney brings its most iconic characters to a carefully curated selection of products, bringing its magic straight out of the screen and into your home.


Established in 2011, fashion and lifestyle brand Hype. began as a self-funded project, designing printed clothing and accessories After winning a t-shirt printing competition, Hype. sold its first batch of stock within hours. Through clever marketing and social media networking, Hype. quickly rose into something that could no longer be tamed. Within months, the brand had evolved into one of the UK’s most recognisable brands, opening the Hype. flagship store in London during the summer of 2013, and Taiwan in 2016.

Transforming Disney movies into stylish clothing and accessories, urban brand Hype. have brought out a Toy Story 4 collaboration which offers a range of backpacks, hats, t-shirts and shorts. Featuring fun and creative designs, the products present Toy Story branding and characters in bold and engaging styles, whilst also honing in on that crucial sense of nostalgia which the Disney is so famed for.

In the lead up to the launch, we’ve joined forces with Hype. to help them promote the new Toy Story collaboration. Catch us over at Box Park in Shoreditch, where we’ll be showcasing some standout artwork on our Digital Events Bus and promotional videos on board the bus. Toy Story x Hype

Taking its customers to infinity and beyond, the collection stars some of Toy Story’s most loved returning characters, and some brand-new friends, such as Forky, Giggle, Ducky and Bunny – proving that no matter what era you were born in, Hype. have got something for everyone.

This isn’t the first time Hype. have transformed Disney characters into fashion icons. Back in December, we headed down to London for the Disney x Hype. launch, which was inspired by Mickey and Minnie in the 90’s. A throw-back collection, the products gave a nod to 90’s sports silhouettes, paired with a primary colour palette.

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