The One Agency Round-Up: The Best Ever Christmas Adverts Of All Time

Christmas is just around the corner, and as the first weekend of December approaches, we wanted to take a look back on the best ever Christmas adverts of all time.d.

Christmas is just around the corner, and as the first weekend of December approaches, we wanted to take a look back on the best ever Christmas adverts of all time.

Sainsbury’s – ‘Christmas Is Sharing’ (2014)

Taking our top spot in the ‘Best Ever Christmas Adverts’, Sainsbury’s ‘Christmas Is For Sharing’ is a breath taking masterpiece in cinematography. Made in partnership with The Royal British Legion and inspired by events from 100 years ago, the ad commemorates the extraordinary events of Christmas Day, 1914. An extraordinary time when the guns fell silent and two armies met in no-man’s land, soldiers shared gifts and even came together to play football, as this special moment in time was captured by history and immortalised forever.

The story begins with ‘Silent Night’ being sad in conjoining English and German, reflecting on how the magic of Christmas transcends language and diversity. Despite some controversy around the potential exploitation of tragic war scenes, the ad still serves to represent the true power of Christmas.

We love this one for its heart-wrenching sentiment and powerful message.

John Lewis – ‘The Journey’ (2012)

Steering towards ‘The Power Of Love’, the John Lewis Christmas advert of 2012 celebrates the extra mile we’ll all go for those we love. Opening in a family’s snow enveloped garden, the scene depicts children building a traditional snowman and snowwoman. The next morning, however, the snowman has mysteriously disappeared. The audience is then transported across wintry scenes, following the journey of the snow man on an epic journey across rivers, mountains, road and city. His motive is unknown… until his return on Christmas morning.

We love this one for the haunting Christmas music and epic display of love.

Coca-Cola – Holidays are Coming (1995)

Another iconic masterpiece to work its magic through homes across the globe, Coca-Cola’s ‘Holidays are Coming’ Christmas advert is one that audiences look forward to, year after year. Synonymous with Christmas, Coca-Cola has become intrinsic to the festive parties and celebrations – so much so, that Coca-Cola actually re-branded Father Christmas himself, switching up his outfit from the traditional Victorian green get-up to the warm, jolly red we know and love him for today.

With jingly, nostalgic music and twinkling lights, the Coca-Cola van is seen making its journey through wintery forests and into towns, lighting up everything it passes along the way.

We love this one for being one of the Best Ever Christmas Adverts and standing the test of time.

Heathrow Airport – ‘Coming Home For Christmas’ (2016)

Throughout their 70 years, Heathrow have put great pride on their ability to connect people with their loved ones. At no time is this heart-warming action more significant than at Christmas. Among the millions of visitors that pass through the airport every day, Heathrow follow the journey of one extra special pair of arrivals.

The teddy bear is one of the world’s most adored symbols, and a much-loved item that children (and adults) can’t go anywhere without. Following from this, in the final scene we see that the teddy bears actually signify another much-loved pair – grandparents, and the advert closes in a warm family embrace.

We love this one because who doesn’t look forward to going home for Christmas? And who can deny the cuteness of these bears?

Marks and Spencer – Christmas Musical Extravaganza (2010)

An institutional symbol of Britishness, the Marks and Spencer Christmas Extravaganza of 2010 featured a host of stars; from Peter Kay and Twiggy to Dannii Minogue and Lisa Snowdon, the big budget campaign is a festive spectacular with music from the Bee Gees’ ‘You Should Be Dancing’. The advert takes an almost comical stance, as the audience is guided through a plethora of Marks and Spender ranges, including a lounge-wear ballet scene with Peter Kay, a outerwear street-walk with Twiggy and Dannii Minogue, a disco party-wear scene with Twiggy, Lisa Snowdon and Dannii Minogue, and a jazzy rooftop performance with Peter Kay and the Marks and Spencer menswear range.

We love this one for being one of the Best Ever Christmas Adverts and its sheer fabulousness.

Aldi – Kevin the Carrot (2016)

We’ll never forget the day that naughty little carrot walked into our lives. In the style of the poem A Visit From St Nicholas narrated by Jim Broadbent, the advert opens with the traditional line ‘T’was the night before Christmas’. We watch the perilous struggle of the anthropomorphic vegetable as he makes his way across a room, in a bid to meet Santa Claus. After dangerous and nail biting journey, we see Kevin fall asleep next to a mince pie, before waking up to find himself hung up on Santa’s sleigh, luring the reindeer to fly faster.

We love this one for its dark humour; not to mention Kevin’s brass ‘in your face’ mockery at the other supermarket adverts.  

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