Reinventing Breakfast With The Sausage Sitter

In honour of ‘Inventor’s Day’, we decided to take a look at the story behind The Sausage Sitter. What inspired such an innovative tool and why hadn’t it been done before?

In honour of ‘Inventor’s Day’, we decided to take a look at the story behind The Sausage Sitter. What inspired such an innovative tool and why hadn’t it been done before?

We turned to the two hungry lads.

With an ambition to make half-cooked bangers a thing of the past, two lads from this Northern neck of the woods came together to create grilling perfection – not only a saviour for hungover mornings, but also beneficial to that health kick half of us are still clinging on to.

As all legendary tales dictate, we went back to the root of the story. Inventors Keggs and Biff had been best mates for a number of years, having played rugby at the same club since they were teenagers. Despite push-backs and doubters, both individually went on to captain their clubs, achieving club and county honours. The lesson learned here was never to listen to everything you’re told and always to follow your dreams.

Fast-forward a couple of years, and time on the pitch descended notoriously into time at the rugby club bar, and in turn, a deep an innate friendship developed between the pair; but hangovers crept into many of their Sunday mornings.

One Sunday morning, Biff rose with a banging headache – routine told him that the only cure worth considering would be to stick some bangers under the grill. No matter how many times Biff took the grill out to turn those pesky sausages, they refused to sit still each and every time.

That same day, Biff rang his mate for a moan and to inform him of his epiphany: an innovative idea to design a curved grill that would keep sausages still as they cook. Keggs understood straight away, and having spent many a day in his shed cutting wood (who doesn’t) he recommended a distinctive ‘V design’ (similar to the style that enables easy chopping of both thick and thin logs on a saw horse, if you’re interested).

Et voila, The Sausage Sitter was born. Despite the doubts and naysayers, the boys persisted with their patent application and design.

With over 23 million households in the UK alone buying sausages on a regular basis, The Sausage Sitter is the only non-mechanical domestic kitchen device that allows grilling perfection. It’s versatile, and can be used in a normal grill, in the oven or over a BBQ, but also pretty healthy, as it’s perfect for grilling vegetables or lean meat without adding any extra fat.

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