Refreshing Goals and Staying Motivated This January

As the January blues start to really take root, it’s easy to lose motivation for all of those well intentioned goals and resolutions that we all set for the New Year.

As the January blues start to really take root, it’s easy to lose motivation for all of those well intentioned goals and resolutions that we all set for the New Year. As it’s national #CleanYourDeskDay, we began to think about the huge positive impact that little things like cleaning your desk can have on your outlook, your productivity and your happiness.

With dark mornings, dark evenings, the infamous drought in between pay days and the readjustment period as you sink back into your workaday routine, it can be harder than ever to maintain that positive energy that will help you to achieve your goals. So we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks that constitute the difference between the January you hoped for on December 31st, and the one you’re just waiting to end.

Clear your work spaces

It seems counterproductive to start whizzing out the antibac wipes when you’ve got a full inbox and to do list to contend with, but a clear space really does make for a clear mind and the quality and pace of your work will reap the benefits of those ten minutes invested in making your workspace a bit more pleasant. Little things like personalising your space can make your desk somewhere that you enjoy being, which will make mornings loads easier too.

Speak to a professional

If you promised that this would be the year that your professional life really took off, but you’re already feeling stuck, then you should take action before that motivation becomes stagnant. It could be that you don’t have the capacity, the connections or the know-how to springboard your business or make significant moves for the company that you work for. There’s no harm in speaking to a professional who might be in a better position to help than you are right now – we’re always happy to consult with you on how we would market your company in the most cost effective and impactful way.

Do Something Selfish

The One Agency team live and breathe advertising, but recently we sat down and made a pact to invest regular time into something that we love that’s entirely separate from work, from turning our phones off and spending time with our families, to reading more books, to even staying in bed later on weekends! Nobody is a robot and devoting all of your time to a single aspect of your life will only manifest resentment for the time you’re spending working towards targets instead of living your life. So this January, we’ve decided to do both.

Reward yourself for your hard work

It’s no secret that positive reinforcement works. Even that satisfying feeling of crossing the first thing off your to do list can be enough to spur you on to scribble the rest out. Scaling that up and setting time out in the future for things like trips, days out and time with your favourite people can make the winter months seem far less gloomy, as well as upping your resolve when you get back to work.

Incorporate your goals into your life

Sure, we all want to be rich, successful and happy. Your goals can start to sound like white noise when you’re working at them for a while and you haven’t seen any tangible results yet. If you really want to make improvements, you have to stay excited about your goals. That can be achieved by keeping them in mind and visualising them whenever you can. Try writing them down somewhere that you’ll see them regularly, or having a reminder of them as the lock screen on your phone.

January is never going to feel like June, but getting ahead and ticking things off your yearly to do list is the best way to kick off your 2019 in the most positive way possible, and little changes add up to big differences! For more tips on how to fight procrastination and get things done, click here.

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