One Agency’s Top Tips On How To Fight Procrastination

Procrastination – that little thing we all hate to love. We’ve rounded up some simple tips to help you fight that little devil on your shoulder.

Procrastination – that little thing we all hate to love. We’ve rounded up some simple tips to help you fight that little devil on your shoulder.

It’s a well-known fact that stress can kill your productivity. It drains your energy and has profound impacts on your focus. You’re way more likely to procrastinate when you’re feeling stressed, which in turn causes interruptions and decreases your creativity. When things get a little clouded in your head, you’re more open to misjudge situations and outcomes.

That’s why it’s important to keep a clear head, clear out some time to find a system that works for you and set yourself achievable goals.

Top of your list, and therefore top of ours: Start your To-Do list with a ‘win’.

Start every day with a win! Write a clear list of the goals you want to achieve and right at the top, be sure to include something you know you can accomplish. Make it as easy as you want… even topping your to-dos with something as simple as ‘drink a cup of coffee’ gives you the energising satisfaction of striking that first task off your list.

Be true to yourself and set realistic goals.

Make all your tasks for the day, week and month – but keep them realistic. If you make life too hard for yourself, you’ll give up before even beginning. Setting goals that are more attainable means you’re far more likely to succeed.

Break larger tasks into smaller ones.

If you’ve got a mammoth task to accomplish, break it down. For projects likely to last longer than one hour, try breaking them into more digestible steps. This will keep your mind fresh, focused and assures you with the flexibility of knowing that for the next 15 mins or so, you’re concentrating on one easy aspect.

Just say ‘NO’…

Turn your phone off. Close that Facebook tab. Allowing outside distractions only feeds the need to procrastinate. Take away those temptations and concentrate on the task at hand.

Take those needed breaks.

Taking breaks can help you be more efficient. It gives you a time span to achieve goals by, provides a reward for heard work, and gives your mind the time to pause and re-energise. Next time you’re feeling that pull of procrastination, head outside for a brisk walk or simply switch tasks to something you enjoy a little more. You’ll come back feeling much more refreshed and ready to take on the next task.

Allow failure.

When you break it all down, procrastination often stems from the fear of failure. Eliminate the pressure of perfection and always bear in mind that failure doesn’t define who you are.

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