One Agency Look At The Most Spooktacular Ads Of 2018 – ‘It’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare’.

The One Agency Halloween Ad Round-Up of 2018.

The One Agency Halloween Ad Round-Up of 2018.

To follow suit from the sacred words uttered in John Carpenter’s Halloween, ‘It’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare’, we’ve decided to honour the most hallowed and spooktacular television ads of 2018. In a world of ever-growing competitive natures, and a society bending to the knee of westernised holiday phenomena, the need to produce televised Halloween content is mounting.

And it’s something we’re totally on board with.

Sainsbury’s – ‘Round The Twist’

Take Sainsbury’s, who in our opinion, wins at Halloween this year. Unveiling an eerily endearing stop-motion video to promote its range of Halloween products, the campaign has been directed by Mark Waring, the animation lead behind Wes Anderson’s Oscar-tipped ‘Isle Of Dogs’.

The film follows a petrified pumpkin, which lip-syncs to a nostalgic but bizarre 90’s theme show… who remembers ‘Round the Twist’? Be warned; this is a tune that gets right in your head and haunts you for days.

After a creep of a spider drops down into the pumpkin’s view, the animation develops into a disgustingly spooky scene, as our (Sainsbury’s)-orange friend becomes more and more scared by the growing number of tricksy products around him.

Bacardi – ‘The Zombie’

All summer long, Bacardi have celebrated its upbeat dance-filled campaign, ‘Do What Moves You’, but this Halloween, the brand is set to make you run a mile with their latest advert. Featuring a spooky new Halloween cocktail, the video is reminiscent of old-school, melancholic horror flicks, drawing from classics like The Shining, The Ring, Saw and Psycho.

From a first-person point of view, the film puts you in the front seat as you undertake the horrifying journey. After the insertion of a video-type (branded by the Bacardi bat logo) some instructions are given for the new Bacardi Zombie cocktail. Hype is instilled through the use of juddering, thriller inspired props and stop-motion/camera techniques. From scenes that draw on passages from The Shining’s haunting hallway set (with bottles of rum within the mise-en-scene), to a lemon and lime being stitched, hap-hazardly together by some grubby old hands. Flickering lights and gruesome fruit implements add ad even darker twist to the BBDO New York video.

M&M’s – ‘Ghosted’

A trick or treat staple sweet, M&M’s have waited 11 years to produce their own Halloween advert. *SPOILER ALERT*; the latest hints that Yellow, may not in fact, have made it through the holiday.

A speedy 15 second slot, ‘Ghosted’ also produced by BBDO New York, opens with Red and Yellow candidly leaving a late-night Halloween party together, seemly unscathed. With an autumnal backdrop featuring candles and cobwebs, Red remarks how relieved he is to have made it through another year without being eaten. An ashen Yellow agrees, as he walks straight through a pumpkin…

Co-op – ‘Halloween is Better Together’

The Co-op has revealed its new Halloween advert, featuring beneficiaries from the Co-op’s Community Fund, demonstrating how great food can bring people together in more ways than one.

To highlight their community involvement, The Co-op ad stars both the Effingham Village Recreational Trust and young players from Bookham Colts Football Club. Every time a Co-op member shops at the supermarket, 1% of what they spend on selected own-brand products goes to help fund community projects in the surrounding area.

The Halloween ad, created by Forever Beta, taps into the family/community aspect of the holiday. With a focus on a local children’s football game, where the dress code is spooky, the ad opens with a group of parents and features a selection of the Co-ops Halloween range, including Oozy Eyeballs and Gingerbread skulls.

The ad will appear on TV from 17 October and will have slots in the breaks of shows such as the Great British Bake Off Final, X Factor, Gogglebox and Coronation Street. It will launch alongside a press, radio, OOH and digital ad. In-store and on digital this Halloween, Co-op has also developed five fun Halloween character shapes for the first time.

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