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One Agency Launches One Foundation

We are delighted to announce the official launch of One Foundation, an exciting project that will seek to provide the advertising & marketing experts of tomorrow with the skills necessary to become a part of our agency family.

We believe in the power of opportunity – so we are looking to give young, ambitious talent exactly that. As our agency moves into the next phase of its evolution, we want fresh ideas and bold thinking to take us forward. With One Foundation, we aim to achieve all of that and more.

What is One Foundation?

The foundation is a roughly 6-month scheme whereby we commit ourselves to train young, dedicated people seeking to break into our industry.

Initial applicants will be trained in account management, learning the ins and outs of a thriving agency sales team in the fast-paced, ever-shifting world of advertising.

Our foundation not only promises the opportunity to become a Junior Account Manager upon successful completion of the scheme but those chosen will also be supported every step of the way to make that a reality. That means giving participants the time, resources and dedicated one-to-one training they need to fulfil their potential and start what could be a lifelong career.

What comes after?

We don’t just train people and send them on their way – we want to further extend the One Agency family and bring new minds into the fold, whilst helping people find work in the process.

With this in mind, anyone who successfully completes the One Foundation scheme will be offered a full-time role as Account Manager at One Agency.  The foundation is all about building towards an exciting future for the industry, our agency, and the new blood that will go on to make it stronger than ever.

The Future

Our foundation is all about helping to mould the minds of tomorrow, so this is a long term commitment. Going forward, we will be offering more opportunities through One Foundation, across a range of exciting disciplines. From digital marketing wizardry to creative genius, the possibilities are endless. Keep an eye out for more developments in the future and take your chance to become one with One Agency.


Why not join us?

Our door is open – if you want in on the One Agency story and have the dedication to prove it, we want to hear from you. You can register your interest in the One Foundation by getting in touch with us for more information today.

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