One Agency and GMCA Launch The Big Alcohol Conversation

Earlier this year, One Agency was invited to tender for a really exciting campaign that was being run by GMCA, entitled The Big Alcohol Conversation.

Earlier this year, One Agency was invited to tender for a really exciting campaign that was being run by GMCA, entitled The Big Alcohol Conversation. Greater Manchester, the NHS and the localities had joined together to devise a campaign that would tackle Greater Manchester’s ever growing alcohol problem, and try to protect citizens of Greater Manchester from the very real dangers of excessive alcohol intake.

Almost a quarter of Greater Manchester residents say that, in their local area, there’s a fairly big problem with ‘people being drunk or rowdy in public places’, and even more concerningly, it’s estimated that the GM expenditure on alcohol-related crime, health, worklessness and social care costs us around £1.3bn per annum – this is approaching £500 for every man, woman and child who live in the city region.

With the key understanding that addressing these alcohol challenges goes beyond the reconfiguration of services, but instead sits with the power and engagement of the Greater Manchester public, One Agency Media were appointed as The Big Alcohol Conversation media agency. In order to tackle the preconceptions underlying in cultures, norms and attitudes, we have crafted a disruptive campaign to stir conversation, encourage learning and generate an overall ambition for change.

Through the careful and intricate construction of a full creative campaign, complete with both online and offline media, a full social media concept and execution, a brand new all-engaging website and fully immersive, publicly entertaining Big Bus Tour. The campaign audience was outlined as outreaching to all GM citizens, including those with seldom heard populations, those with lived experience, and GM leaders, with a challenging but exciting campaign message to develop a strong brand and programme identity. We successfully steered this narrative towards a local feel, which served to amplify feelings of community pride.

The Creative Story

In order to challenge the myths and perceptions in relation to alcohol, we began with developing a tone of voice which resided with the ‘ambitious’, and ‘energised’, whilst also retaining an element of the ‘urgent’. The tone of final brand creatives beautifully reflects the power in which Greater Manchester has been granted, along with their own ambition for change and improvement in their area.

Through vibrant attitudes and passionate dedication, we sprinkled an element of originality in the form of video concepts. These were created in order to boost engagement and communication,

The Website

Through an integral understanding and finely researched psychological synopsis, the digital team came together to develop the given personas, and anticipate what would drive these users throughout the website. By starting with ‘the people’, we created a website for the people. The website is littered with thought-provoking stats, which aim to stimulate conversation and encourage the desired mindset to bring about an overall ambition for change.

The Bus Tour

We’re taking our media bus on tour through the ten localities within Greater Manchester – before Christmas, it’s all about playing games like The Big Measure and seeing whether you can guess how much alcohol goes into one serving, as well as our version of beer pong.

The Launch

On 15th November we launched the campaign in style at Fairfield Social Club. With (quite a lot of) help from our friends at Blendsmiths and Manchester Platter Co, GMCA were able to really get to grips with the campaign with talks from the likes of Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester and Sacha Lord, GM’s night time economy advisor and creator of Parklife and The Warehouse Project, all while tucking into a gorgeous healthy breakfast and the best cappuccino in Manchester.

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