Is London…done?

Recently the One Agency team ventured down south to take in the industrialism, ambition and comradery that our capital has to offer.

London advertising is naturally more costly than out of home options offered by northern cities, like Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds.

Recently the One Agency team ventured down south to take in the industrialism, ambition and comradery that our capital has to offer. Though we had a marvellous time, as a group of proud born and bred Mancunains and Mancunians by adoption, we couldn’t help but notice some stark differences between our capital and our beloved northern powerhouse, though we tried our hardest to not be biased towards the best city in the world.

Let’s start with an obvious one – the price of a pint. Not acceptable. Our beer up north is, if anything, tastier than whatever nonsense they serve down there, but it’s a third of the price… this got us to thinking:

One Agency Thought Corner: Sometimes it’s easier to pay over the odds because it’s convenient and you’ve never known that you can get what you want at a lower cost. Much like many Londoners have accepted the sad inevitability of credit card syndrome when it comes to purchasing beer, labouring under the misapprehension that if you want it, it’s going to cost you £6, we know that many businesses are carrying out costly and outdated advertising simply because they don’t know of cheaper, easier and more effective ways of getting the job done. But with media experts who carry their Northern work ethic with them down south, investing where it’s worth investing and forgoing costly and unrewarding avenues, it’s time to open your eyes to better options that lie further afield.

Oyster cards, what’s that about?

Sure, the tube is great for getting you where you need to be, quick-time. And fair enough, it’s quite clever how they work out your usual routes and zones. But why do you need a separate card, just for paying for travel, when your normal card works just fine? So now you have to transfer money from your normal card to your oyster card so that you can pay to get on the tram…why?

One Agency Thought Corner:  What’s the point in overcomplicating things with multiple facets all doing different jobs? One Agency is a full service media agency, comprising of a media and digital side. Between us, we have a team of advertising experts who specialise in everything from SEO and PPC, to billboard, digital screen and taxi wraps, to social media and content marketing. We just think it makes sense to do everything under one roof, so we like to be that one tool that can fix anything for you – more of a debit card, than an oyster card.


In London, you pay as much for rent on a one bedroom flat as you do a four bedroom house in Manchester. But trying to find a suitable abode is such a feat that many settle for the first souped up bedsit or worrisome flat share that they find, locking themselves into a less than pragmatic contract, just for the sake of making sure they’ve got somewhere to sleep at night.

One Agency Thought Corner: Contracts and retainers can be so problematic – what happens when the glow of the deal and the promise of all the bells and whistles disappears, once the dotted line is signed? You know your landlord won’t work anywhere near as hard to keep you as they did to win you. And with some of the living conditions that we witnessed people who would be flush for cash on that same salary up north living in, we know that those contracts mostly don’t involve contented people. We apply this philosophy to our business model; we don’t do contracts or retainer fees, because we want you to stay with us on the merit of the work that we do for you, month in, month out. We are determined to always treat our relationship with you as if it’s brand new, so that as you grow, we grow with you.

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