Brand Loyalty; What Is It and How Do You Get It

Brand loyalty is a vast and powerful concept, only truly realised when executed through multiple facets.

Brand loyalty is a vast and powerful concept, only truly realised when executed through multiple facets. It eliminates the element of chance on whether or not your campaign will be noticed, and generates a reliable audience who are most likely to become customers.

Brand loyalty is a concept is demonstrated differently depending on the media format. Below we’ve detailed a few examples of what brand loyalty looks like on some of the services that we know well.

Social Media

You know those three dependable likes that you know you’re going to get whenever you upload something to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? It’s usually a relative, your best mate and maybe a stalker that you picked up at some point during your education or early career…and sometimes you wonder whether they’ve even looked at what you’ve uploaded, or they’ve just seen your name and double tapped.

If it’s the latter, this is brand loyalty.

Your mum, mate and stalker are engaging with your content simply because it’s you, because they want to support your cause, or be associated with you. If you can achieve this for your brand, on a bigger scale, then the power that you are afforded becomes limitless.


Brand loyalty displayed through OOH is hard to measure, but unequivocally powerful. It’s when people look at a billboard, digital screen, wrapped taxi or tube wrap for the sole reason that your branding is on there.

The best way to achieve this is to align yourself with the idea of adding value in some way – be that through insight, aesthetics or entertainment. Once you establish yourself as the kind of brand that is worth paying attention to once, people will unconsciously or consciously look out for your brand and recognise it. Before long, you’re the first company that they think of when they think of trainers…or whatever it is that you want to sell.

Content Marketing

As before, the key is to add value first and then to reap the rewards later. Give your audiences something – some valuable information, a laugh, some resources that they can turn back to and that proves to be reliable. Soon, you will be that audience’s go to for advice or entertainment. The sooner that this happens, the sooner you see magical things happening for your brand on search engines and on social media.

Because don’t forget – when you’re looking for a service, what’s the first thing you do? You google it.

And you seldom click through to the second and third pages of google either, because you trust that the best response to your needs will be found on the first page. Through content marketing, you can situate yourself on the first page of google and have your web pages returned to time and time again, because you’ll find that your website is perceived by search engines and consumers as more reliable, trustworthy and valuable.

When we put a campaign together, brand loyalty is our ultimate goal. Creatives, content, tone of voice and branding are factors that we manipulate across every format, because we know that the right decisions for these work together to implore an audience to remember you and respond to your call to action.

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