Black Friday Tips and Tricks for eCommerce Brands

Our Key Tips for Black Friday
Get Your Site Ready Make it mobile responsive Optimise your home page
Target Black Friday & Cyber Monday Directly Dedicated landing page Present great offers Amend paid search Use remarketing Push it on social
Use the Entire Cyber Weekend The Black Friday season starts earlier than ever – weeks in advance even. Plan ahead, and be all over Black Friday, the following weekend and Cyber Monday.


Get Your Site Ready for Black Friday

With Christmas just around the corner, customers up and down the country are thinking about, or well underway with, their Christmas shopping. As Black Friday and Cyber Monday are key calendar dates in any marketer’s plan, we’ve compiled a handy guide with easy-to-follow Black Friday tips and tricks to ensure you outshine others in this highly competitive space.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just a few days away, it’s not too late for your site to pass the following checklist with flying colours:


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Is it mobile responsive?

We’re in an age that’s becoming increasingly mobile, outnumbering desktop visitors, and your customers need to know they can easily purchase the perfect Christmas gift or snap up your unmissable Black Friday deals on the go.

Review your user journey and ensure it’s as slick as possible, paying close attention to the check-out process. Test, test, and test again so your customers can make that instant purchase with no delay. Sites with mobile responsivity benefit from an overall improved user experience, faster page speed and often higher conversion and lower bounce rates. When combined, these make for a perfect fit to generate sales for major awareness days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

mobile responsiveness


With unmissable offers, customers will be flocking to your site to get their hands on the goods. With increased traffic, a solid testing strategy must be in place to ensure that even in the busiest of times, your site remains live and site speed isn’t compromised.

If necessary, content delivery networks can ease the load of content across several servers and may be a worthwhile investment throughout high-traffic periods. Evaluate current plugins and remove anything redundant to increase page load time.

Make your checkout process smooth

Whilst mobile responsivity and effective hosting are key contributors to Black Friday success, a smooth checkout process is essential. Data capture should take a back seat in favour for speed. Review your current checkout process and eliminate any areas that might extend the time a customer spends on the process.

Right now, efficient customer flow is the key area to focus on, instead, provide guest checkout experiences for customers with minimal checkboxes to make sure customers choose you to complete their purchase over competitors.

Optimise your homepage

Small tweaks to your current homepage can make a big difference in converting website visitors into sales. Upon landing on your page, capture your audience’s attention with banners, or key promotional information in an easy to navigate format that sends users straight to the action.

This is one of the quickest, and often most cost-effective changes to make to a website, which can be highly lucrative once you’ve piqued a potential customer’s interest. With a little design & content input, a unique value proposition, and web development time, you’ll have a highly polished page that’s ready and waiting for customers.

Target Black Friday & Cyber Monday Directly

If time permits, spending further resources on maximising your Black Friday marketing efforts can deliver impressive results. Here, we detail just how to take your campaign that step further with a little help from dedicated landing pages, paid search alterations, remarketing and the power of social media.

Create a Dedicated Black Friday landing page

The earlier you set up a landing page for Black Friday, the better. There are eCommerce brands out there who have had their dedicated pages set up for over 6 months. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late, and the term “better late than never” is entirely true in this case. If you have the time and resources to do so, put a Black Friday landing page live in time for the big day on Friday. From here, potential customers or clients can register their details, allowing you to acquire their information and drum up some valuable interest.

In the future, try to sort this as far ahead of time as possible. Potential buyers will learn about your sales further in advance, perhaps even taking the time to review your products. Meanwhile, you can make sure that your page is done in time for Google to index it long before the big weekend hits.

This will also give you more time to hone solid calls to action (CTA), accurate & engaging copy, and stunning user experience.

Present great offers

Utilise all of your offers across the site during this time, being sure to fully detail all of them and make them understandable for consumers.
Be sure to decide well in advance what your exact offerings will be so that you can craft your content accordingly.

Firstly, be as visually inventive as you can. Get your designer(s) to create eye-catching images that push your offers and engage your audience. Banners can be particularly effective for this. It is important at this stage that you detail returns and shipping information clearly and accurately, in order to avoid unnecessary complications. Should you neglect to do this, busy and excited customers are likely to overlook this information – leading to potential dissatisfaction.

This is the perfect chance for you to cross-sell or up-sell items – so be sure to take that into consideration when putting your message across. Always bear in mind, however, that the more information you ask for from a user, the less likely they are to complete a purchase. Make it easy, and keep it simple.

remarketing example

Amend paid search accordingly

Paid search will require some attention when it comes to Black Friday. You will need to bid much higher when it comes to showcasing your products, as competitors will be doing exactly the same.

Refresh your ads to include references specific to Black Friday and your relevant deals. Keep an eye on those CTA’s once again – it’s the time to aim for those users looking for deals through search.

Similarly, it could be beneficial to your business to add further extensions to your standard branded ads, including a linked reference to Black Friday deals.

Remarket as much as possible

Given the increased traffic to eCommerce brands during this hectic period, remarketing becomes more valuable than ever. You should use every possible outlet to capture these potential customers. A Google remarketing code, as well as similar features for social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, are essential.

Take advantage of visitors who have been to your site and browsed your items by utilising remarketing, through banners promoting Black Friday specific deals.

Push it on social

Social Media platforms are another great tool for pointing people towards your Black Friday offerings.

Consider actioning these:

  • Amend your Facebook CTA button to make it relevant to the Cyber Weekend.
  • Make an event on Facebook for Black Friday, and start by inviting those who like your page.
  • Edit your Twitter & Facebook headers and gear them towards Black Friday.

If you can afford it and have the time, then video advertising is particularly effective when it comes to social – especially with Facebook, as they appear higher within feeds. If you have pre-existing video content ready to use – that’s even better.

Video content centred around guides or how-to explainers are particularly good for pushing products during Black Friday sales.

The Cyber Weekend

cyber monday and black friday


With your paid search, remarketing, social and email campaigns set up ahead of Black Friday, you’re in the best position to capitalise on sales.

Now that you’ve sorted your paid activity, social presence, remarketing efforts and more ready for Black Friday – you are perfectly placed to make the most of the opportunities that arise across this lucrative period.

With all of the hard stuff taken care of, you can now take the time to give your customer service the attention it deserves across Black Friday, the weekend and Cyber Monday. This is particularly true on social media, where buyers may have questions about items or other potential issues. For this eventuality, you need your staff on hand and ready to offer the best and most efficient service possible, building and maintaining trust in your brand.

Follow these proven steps, and you will see the benefit, be it over this Cyber Monday or the next.

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