6 Signs it’s Time To Rebrand In 2019

‘New Year New Me’ is a cliché for a reason. Nothing feels better than a fresh start – a whole new year to change things for the better; Get that job you’ve always wanted, show everyone how amazing you can be when you really try.

‘New Year New Me’ is a cliché for a reason. Nothing feels better than a fresh start – a whole new year to change things for the better; Get that job you’ve always wanted, show everyone how amazing you can be when you really try.

Why not extend that new haircut feeling to your business? In the same way that your personal appearance can get tired, your business sometimes needs to be freshened up to keep everyone on their toes and paying attention. Here are 6 hints that it might be time to wipe the slate clean on your branding:

You don’t have a clear concept

Your branding should tell people everything they need to know about your business. Your concept should shine through your logo, your tone of voice, your merchandise and your website. Your digital moves should tie into the way that your content reflects on your business’ personality, so that your reputation has continuity and strength. And the rationale behind all of this should reflect the values of your company – are you perpetrating a strong and identifiable message in your branding?

It’s been a while

Too many people have the ‘If it’s not broken, don’t fix it’ attitude when it comes to a rebrand. It might be a great philosophy when it comes to that slow cooker that you’ve had when you moved to uni, or the Christmas tree that you’ve been dragging down from the loft each year since it was donated to you by your parents 12 years ago. But branding is a different story – first impressions count and the way that your business looks could be the difference between struggle and success. Trends and fashions move quickly and if you take your eye off the ball for more than a minute, you could wind up looking like a cheap burner company. Remember the time Donald Trump looked at a slogan in Comic Sans and said ‘I like that font’. Do you remember how embarrassing that was? Don’t be a Donald Trump.

You’re not attracting the talent

The best new talent wants to work at the best companies. They decide on where to work by looking at the website, looking at the social media, digesting the content and making their mind up about your company. If you’re struggling to get the right people in to advance your brand, take a look at what impression you’re giving them.

You want to expand

A rebrand is a great way to mark an expansion and to make one happen. It’s how you show the world that you’re investing in yourself because you are worth investing in, and it’s a great way to build buzz and conversation about your business within the industry.

More than that though, it’s a way of showing a wider audience that you’re now relevant to them. Once you’ve attached a reputation to your branding, it’s pretty much impossible to reverse the public opinion, unless you rebrand – so if a certain demographic decides that you don’t apply to them, it’s unlikely that they’ll change their minds unless you change your brand with them in mind, to show them that they are your target market.

You don’t want to shout about your brand

If you or your employees aren’t scattering your business cards like confetti wherever you are, or sharing your online content on a regular basis, it may be time to question why. Is your branding indifferent? Is there really anything special about you? Is there a reason why your employees would want to spread your message far and wide, beyond a sense of responsibility to do so? There should be.

You want to shed an unflattering rep

In the age of social media, it doesn’t take too long for an unflattering image to spread – a word or concept that you put out there could easily take on a devastatingly negative connotations, and as easy as it is to develop an unflattering image, shedding it could take years of work with no real promise of success. Though a rebrand requires a lot of thought and time, it’s often far simpler to put a fresh face out there than it is to clean the stains off your existing one.

Make no mistake – rebranding can be a lengthy process, and you’ll require a lot of input to ensure that you get it right. But once you’ve nailed that perfect new look, the good vibes will follow – and you’ll see the difference that it makes to your business.

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