5 Reasons SEO and PPC Work So Well Together

Whilst SEO and PPC are separate digital marketing channels, there’s a clear positive relationship between the two that should be explored in any online marketing strategy.

Whilst SEO and PPC are separate digital marketing channels, there’s a clear positive relationship between the two that should be explored in any online marketing strategy. When the two areas work together, they’re perfect marketing partners to get your website more traffic, leads and send overall revenue soaring.

As a full-service agency, we advise all digital clients to participate in a combined strategy – so, in this blog, we’ll be sharing six reasons why SEO and PPC work brilliantly together.

PPC learnings & data inform organic content strategy

PPC campaigns undergo testing measures to ensure optimal advert copy – so, for the adverts that are the best performing, sharing copy with SEO content teams can ensure your assets work even harder.

With advert copy that’s already resonating with your target audience, it can be a time-saving and effective method when updating meta description tags, or could serve as a useful tool for seeding wider content ideas to take your on-page, or off-page content one step further.

Utilise effective PPC ad copy to further enhance your organic strategy.

Increase overall credibility, trust and brand awareness with SEO and PPC 

Choose to operate PPC and SEO in tandem, and brands can benefit from elevated trust and credibility. Paid search enables brands to stay front of mind when trigger keywords are searched, and through using tried and true organic methodologies, you’ll begin to climb the search engine rankings for longer-lasting placement in the coveted top positions in the SERPs.

Whilst budget and resource may not always permit for PPC and SEO together, when ranking high organically, sites generally benefit from higher-quality traffic that’s perfectly positioned for converting leads. Ranking high on the search engine results pages is a direct result of your SEO efforts, the overall quality of the site and the content within it – all of which often result in higher levels of trust.

However, SEO can take months to kick in properly and it can be highly competitive to rank well for your target keywords. To cut down on the time to get in front of your target audience, PPC allows for instantaneous results.

Use PPC as a PR tool

No one wants negative press, but sometimes it happens despite our best efforts. When the organic search results pages are serving news content related to the crisis, PPC can be a useful tool to reach out to those looking for answers.

Gather relevant keywords related to the issue and craft your response – making sure answers to potential questions are presented to the user. Using PPC will present your response before (sometimes uncontrollable) organic results, offering a chance to share your perspective first.

Share keywords across teams

SEO and PPC teams can equally benefit from sharing the best performing keywords. PPC is an excellent way to test keywords, with a holistic view of the most searched & the most clicked. It is also ideal for viewing the keywords with the highest conversions.

From this, having knowledge of the best performing keywords works well when informing the overall SEO strategy, helping to streamline the process. Conversely, if you’ve previously focused all budget on SEO improvements – deciding to take the leap into PPC advertising can be made easier when you already have a list of effective organic keywords.

Share keywords between your PPC and SEO teams for a consistent and synchronised marketing strategy.

The power of remarketing

It’s inevitable that not all traffic supplied to your site via organic search will convert, no matter how effective your SEO or how high you’re ranking for key search terms. Perhaps your target customer wants to see if you’re offering the best possible price or service and decides to look elsewhere, and leaves. With remarketing via PPC, valuable data enables adverts to be served to the customers who are already familiar with you, to make that second connection and secure the sale.

For a visitor landing on your site via organic means to then leave results in low recall rates. Instead, track the items they were browsing to remain front of mind and increase brand awareness. This way, when they ultimately decide to purchase, you’re right there – ready and waiting.

Packaging the above together with effective on-page copy will captivate the customer to ensure they complete the purchase with limited chance to bounce.

Target customers who might have been lost through Remarketing.

Opting for a combined strategy is the best option for a successful online presence and traffic growth. Both require time, effort and expertise to ensure strategies are running efficiently and on-course. Regular maintenance is key to stay on top of changing digital trends, and to keep your brand ahead of the curve.


To find out more about our SEO and PPC services, and how we can help your brand grow, contact the team today on 0330 400 4169 or email: hello@oneagencyltd.com now.

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